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Has the cloud changed
the way your company
does business?

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC gives you a competitive edge

  • White Label phone and unified communications are branded in your company’s name
  • The D3UC platform is carrier grade, feature rich, redundant and highly scalable
  • Open source components = no licensing fees
  • Minimal capital costs and 50-100% profit margins position you to be competitive!

Is it time for you to
white label cloud-based
phone and UC services?

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC thrives on supporting VARs & MSPs

  • Comparative solution analysis to better position and win business
  • Promotional materials customizable for your market, mission and services
  • Competitive Cloud-based UC solution
  • Guidance by marketing and sales professionals—at your fingertips!

Have you offered a
reliable cloud-based
phone and UC services?

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC has everything figured out for you

  • Wikis developed to simplify the installation and support process
  • Proven techniques for porting numbers, tele-planning and adding sub-accounts
  • Billing program and FCC tax guidance
  • Access to comprehensive MSA and schedules—you hit the ground running!

Are you seeking services
with highly profitable
recurring revenues?

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC offers profit margins up to 100%

  • Guidance on best sales approaches to attract telephony customers
  • Competitive knowledge is how we help you sell value over price
  • Pricing models and sample UC plans
  • Sales approach shifts from capital driven to managed services revenues!

Do you expect personal
and comprehensive

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC will train and help your staff

  • To market, sell, implement, operate, and bill like a telephony veteran
  • All-inclusive and on-going for the term of the contract
  • Customizable presentation templates
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team will guide your journey—you’ll be safe!

Why should you consider
White Labeling
the D3UC platform?

White Label the D3UC Platform

D3UC is your partner, not a competitor

  • Decades of industry knowledge—there isn’t a concern we can’t address!
  • Step-by-step installation guide—selling phone and UC services is easy!
  • Try in your office as your first install!
  • Learn more about our risk-free, 90-day Roadmap for Success!

Our White Label Reseller Solutions

  • International Soft Phones
    • U.S. and Africa NGO staff linked
    • Intercontinental UC services
    • Free international calling
    • 4 digit dial from PC to smartphone

  • Real Estate Company
    • Eliminate high long distance costs
    • Remote home-based employees
    • Staff has 4 digit extension
    • Monthly costs savings of 60%

  • 89 Embassies Connected
    • Free 4 digit dial between consulates
    • Secure Cloud-based services
    • No upfront capital costs
    • Phone to phone video conferencing

  • Healthcare Crisis Management
    • Enhanced call center communications
    • Quick in-country deployment
    • Personnel accessible to public
    • Utilize existing infrastructure

  • Virtual Sales Office
    • Mobile services for insurance firm
    • Voicemail to email, auto receptionist
    • Free on net calls between employees
    • Lower bills, unlimited U.S. calling

  • Integrated Mobile Apps
    • VoIP app helps find city parking
    • Use current phone and smart devices
    • Unlimited and free calls on network
    • No hidden fees

  • Worldwide Calls, Local Cost
    • Focus on ethnic and student markets
    • Customized phone service packages
    • Avoid international calling charges
    • Worldwide 4 digit dial to the U.S.

  • Small Business, Big Image
    • VoIP for clothing manufacturer
    • UC features give corporate feel
    • Auto receptionist, music on hold
    • Monthly cost savings of 40%

  • VoIP Replaces PBX
    • 4 location real estate office
    • 80 phones, free inter-office calling
    • No PBX or maintenance contracts
    • Reduced monthly costs by 50%

  • 24 by 7 Small Business
    • One person small business
    • Guarantee prompt call back
    • Uses single number reach
    • High customer satisfaction

  • Tenant Services Management
    • VoIP phone service for new office
    • Alternative revenue source for client
    • Easy management of phone network
    • Lower cost services for tenants

  • Bi-coastal Ad Agency
    • From NYC to San Francisco, LA
    • Unlimited conference bridges
    • Eliminate long distance charges
    • Clients have 4 digit extensions

  • Virtual Home Start-up
    • 5 founders, 5 homes, 3 states
    • Free 4 digit conferencing, calling
    • Auto attendant creates an “office”
    • UC services keep staff connected

  • Home-based Sales Agents
    • View incoming calls while on phone
    • Call history and easy call back
    • Email backup of all voicemails
    • Eliminate high calling costs

  • PBX Refresh, Big Savings
    • Premise based PBX not supported
    • Cloud based phone services preferred
    • Better service and savings with UC
    • Return on investment in 9 months
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