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Reasons Investors Choose D3UC

Reasons Investors Choose

Equity Bonus
Large Market Opportunity
Monthly Recurring Revenues
Experienced and Successful Management Team
Telecom Platform with Software as a Service (SaaS)
Secret Sauce for Growth Hacking the SMB Market
White Label Business Model
4th Year in Business
Execution Play

Dear Friends,

The positive feedback we’ve been given during our growth round has generated momentum and we’ve reached the halfway point! The 25% equity premium has been well-received by investors with only five (5) eligible units remaining. Once those units are sold, we will focus on raising the last $250K and continue to accept individual investments starting at $10,000.

  • To review our entire investment profile, visit us on Gust
  • To make an investment, visit us on* (more details below)

Please forward this blog to anyone you think might be interested in our investment opportunity. I can be reached at 973-333-3322 if you have any questions or need additional information.

Kind regards,

Chuck Daniels, CEO
D3 Unified Communications

Calling All Accredited Investors!

We have retained* — a FINRA registered broker-dealer — to compile offering documents and supervise compliance with rigorous SEC requirements. They are also managing the transactions between investors and D3UC.


Currently Funded By

Selected to Present

NY Angels Rowan Innovation Venture Fund, TBA
NJIT Highlander Angels Lehigh Valley Angels, July 2017
Individual Angels Landmark Venture Forum, May 2017
Angel Venture Fair, May 2017
NJTC Venture Conference, April 2017
NJIT HAN, January 2017
NY Angels, October 2016

Request a copy of the D3UC Investor Presentation



Rowan Innovation Venture Fund

We’ve made it to step 3 in the process and will be presenting at their next meeting!


Presenting to the Lehigh Valley Angel Investors!

We passed the screening process and will be presenting to the LVAI and its members at its July 2017 meeting. Looking forward to meeting these angels and possibly closing out our growth round!


Chosen Again! D3UC Presenting at Landmark Venture Forum!

On Wednesday, May 17th, D3UC will present at the Landmark Venture Forum in Greenwich, CT. This is a by-invitation-only event featuring presentations from 14 emerging and growth stage companies. The Landmark Angels is a private angel group investing in companies with the potential for exceptional growth. The group is comprised of 300 members of which 140 are Family Offices. They have invested over $182M over the last 14 years, with a typical investment between $100K and $250K.


D3UC Chosen to Present at 19th Annual Angel Venture Fair!

The 19th annual Angel Venture Fair is being held this week on May 5th at the Union League in Philadelphia, PA. My company, D3 Unified Communications (D3UC), was one of 34 companies selected to present (out of 237 applications.) We have started our 4th year with strong growth in customers, revenues, and investors – receiving over half of the $750,000 needed for our growth round.

Our investors have confidence in the management team’s three decades of industry experience, our success with previous startups, and the current market opportunity for cloud-based, white label phone and unified communications services. They also understand our “secret sauce” for growth hacking the SMB market for phone and unified communications services, and how we will exit when profitable at 18x revenues and 22x net income.

We look forward to meeting Angel investors this Friday who want to join us in growing D3UC into a national provider for white label, phone and unified communications services. If you will be at the Angel Venture Fair, I hope you will be able to attend my presentation, “Using Managed Service Providers to Growth Hack the SMB Market for Phone & Unified Communications” at 11:45am in the Sheridan room. We will also have a table in the exhibitor room.

To request a copy of my presentation, please fill out the “How can we help you” form to the right and I will send a copy promptly.

Kind regards,

Chuck Daniels, CEO




Two days of informative sessions coupled with outstanding Keynote speakers—and exploring the French Quarter, of course—created a rewarding and memorable MSP conference.

For the sixth consecutive time, I was able to attend MSPWorld which is hosted by the MSPAlliance—the largest and oldest vendor neutral organization for cloud and managed service providers. Making new connections is always an integral part of the event but learning from experienced MSP owners and keynote speakers about how to be a better leader and business owner are immensely valuable.

The Keynote speakers were prominent government officials—one from the FBI and the other from the Navy—now retired from their respective duties. Special Agent Brent Watkins shared some stories about his 20+ years with the FBI but focused mainly on important internet security issues. Robert O’Neill, the leader of Navy SEAL Team VI, also told some intriguing accounts of his missions during active duty with his focus on creating “high performance teams.”

Rob spent most of his time talking about how Navy SEAL training creates these high performance teams, emphasizing perseverance and critical leadership skills that were very relevant to owners of MSPs. His words were very motivational to me as the owner of an MSP continually trying to build high performance teams of my own.

These are the pearls of leadership wisdom that resonated with me:

• Everyone needs good people skills because no one wants to work with a jerk
• The keys to success are training, communication, and repetition
• Learn to take emotion out of the decision-making process
• Don’t react but do respond
• All stress in life is self-induced and you only feel the amount of stress you allow
• Planning is important but execution is the key to success
• Panic does not help and it is contagious
• Your enemies are your doubts and everyone who ever said you couldn’t do it
• Focus on the mission success – what are you trying to achieve
• Complacency is caused by success and it kills
• Failure is one of the greatest learning experiences
• Never pass up the opportunity to not say anything

To read more about Rob O’Neill and his experiences, check out his new book.


Angel Venture Fair 2017

We have been selected to present at the 19th annual Angel Venture Fair in Philadelphia on May 5, 2017! The Private Investors Forum, which oversees the fair, announced the 34 companies invited to attend after attracting its largest application round to date. Selected by a group of 80 judges from a pool of 237 applications, the presenting companies hail from five countries and 20 states. D3UC will be among 24 non-university companies and 10 university-based startups giving presentations to hundreds of private investors for funding support.


NJ Tech Council Venture Conference

Attending for the 3rd consecutive year. Looking forward to hearing insights from Chieh Huang, CEO of BOXED. Hope to see you on April 6th!


D3UC Prepares for National Launch

Investors provide funds for growth phase

NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — D3 Unified Communications (D3UC) works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that sell technology services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). As D3UC enters its fourth year, the founders are extremely optimistic about the company’s future. With recent investor funding, D3UC is now positioned to market its white label phone and unified communications (UC) solution to MSPs nationwide.

Chuck Daniels, CEO, knows that the first five years are critical for a startup. He says, “The fact is, most startups fail because they lack funding. It took time and energy but we remained positive and proved our business model. We found true Angel investors who have given us the opportunity to expand adoption of the D3UC platform to MSPs in the U.S. Our branded voice solution provides MSPs with a complement to their existing data and IT services. The feedback from our white label MSPs has been positive and validated our solution for this market.”

“The voice services market in the SMB space is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars. It’s a lucrative opportunity for MSPs,” says CFO, Imran Dalvi. “Of the 5.7 million businesses in the U.S., 98% have less than 100 employees and rely on MSPs for technology services. This gives MSPs access to over 38 million employees who need some type of device to communicate. Our MSPs generate monthly recurring revenues with profit margins starting at 50% and exceeding 100%.”

Additionally, D3UC is reconfirming its commitment to the MSP community by continuing its 100% risk-free program which features no minimum revenue requirements, no early termination penalties, and no upfront investment. The company is a proud member of the MSPAlliance, the largest MSP organization in the world. Daniels will again be sharing his experiences at MSPWorld in March where he will speak about raising capital during his presentation Growing Your MSP: Finding the Funding.

About D3UC
D3 Unified Communications was founded in November 2013 by Chuck Daniels and Imran Dalvi to address the inequities in the phone and UC industry for MSPs serving the SMB market. They have over four decades of telecommunications experience with a successful history of launching disruptive technology services. Their office is located at the Enterprise Development Center on the campus of NJIT.


MSPWorld Spring 2017

We’re headed to New Orleans! Chuck’s presentation will focus on how to raise money for your MSP. Details to follow.