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D3UC Prepares for National Launch

Investors provide funds for growth phase

NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — D3 Unified Communications (D3UC) works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that sell technology services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). As D3UC enters its fourth year, the founders are extremely optimistic about the company’s future. With recent investor funding, D3UC is now positioned to market its white label phone and unified communications (UC) solution to MSPs nationwide.

Chuck Daniels, CEO, knows that the first five years are critical for a startup. He says, “The fact is, most startups fail because they lack funding. It took time and energy but we remained positive and proved our business model. We found true Angel investors who have given us the opportunity to expand adoption of the D3UC platform to MSPs in the U.S. Our branded voice solution provides MSPs with a complement to their existing data and IT services. The feedback from our white label MSPs has been positive and validated our solution for this market.”

“The voice services market in the SMB space is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars. It’s a lucrative opportunity for MSPs,” says CFO, Imran Dalvi. “Of the 5.7 million businesses in the U.S., 98% have less than 100 employees and rely on MSPs for technology services. This gives MSPs access to over 38 million employees who need some type of device to communicate. Our MSPs generate monthly recurring revenues with profit margins starting at 50% and exceeding 100%.”

Additionally, D3UC is reconfirming its commitment to the MSP community by continuing its 100% risk-free program which features no minimum revenue requirements, no early termination penalties, and no upfront investment. The company is a proud member of the MSPAlliance, the largest MSP organization in the world. Daniels will again be sharing his experiences at MSPWorld in March where he will speak about raising capital during his presentation Growing Your MSP: Finding the Funding.

About D3UC
D3 Unified Communications was founded in November 2013 by Chuck Daniels and Imran Dalvi to address the inequities in the phone and UC industry for MSPs serving the SMB market. They have over four decades of telecommunications experience with a successful history of launching disruptive technology services. Their office is located at the Enterprise Development Center on the campus of NJIT.


D3UC Today Announced That It Has Been Awarded the Highly Coveted MSPAlliance MSPWorld Cup Award

NEWARK, N.J., April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — D3UC today announced that it has been awarded the highly coveted MSPAlliance MSPWorld Cup Award™ at the MSPWorld Conference in Orlando, FL. MSPAlliance and MSPWorld events are recognized worldwide as the premier gathering place for managed service providers (MSPs). This award recognizes technology-enabling companies that have demonstrated consistent efforts to advance the cause of managed service providers across the globe by providing cutting edge technologies and solutions.

Chuck Daniels, CEO of D3 Unified Communications said, “We are thrilled to be recognized by the MSPAlliance and proud to receive their MVP award. D3UC created a White Label, Cloud-based Phone and Unified Communications service exclusively for MSPs that serve Small to Medium Businesses. Our platform helps these companies compete more effectively against their larger competitors while generating recurring monthly revenues with profit margins of 50% to 100%. ‘Always your partner, never your competitor’ is how D3UC positions itself because we are dedicated to the MSP community.”

Comprised of more than 25,000 member companies, MSPAlliance is committed to increasing the reliability and dependability of managed mission-critical IT services. Through the industry’s only accreditation program and code of ethics, the MSPAlliance empowers companies to improve their respective return on investment in technology procurement and implementation.

“We are honored that D3UC, a relatively new company to the managed services industry, has been recognized for their achievements and hard work in the managed services profession,” said Charles Weaver, CEO of MSPAlliance. “For such a young company, they have already made a big splash in the managed service provider community and we’re very excited to see all that D3UC has to offer. The MSPWorld Cup Awards were created so that the MSP community the world over could easily identify those companies that have been recognized for having the best enabling technology in their respective fields.”

For additional information on the MSPAlliance or MSPWorld, please contact Celia Weaver at 1-530-891-1340.

About D3UC
D3 Unified Communication (www.d3uc.com) was founded in November 2013 by Chuck Daniels, Imran Dalvi and Mike Dury. The 3Ds have over 75 years of experience and have a history of successfully launching disruptive technology services to address the inequities in the phone and unified communications industry for MSPs serving the SMB market. Their office is located at the Enterprise Development Center on the New Jersey Institute of Technology campus (www.njit-edc.org).

Connect with D3UC on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/d3-unified-communications

About MSPAlliance
For the past 15 years, the MSPAlliance (www.mspalliance.com) has been the only unified voice for the Managed Services Industry, and the only organization that promotes the highest level of professionalism, reliability and integrity. As the world’s largest Professional Association and Accrediting Body for the Cloud and Managed Services Industry, the MSPAlliance was created to meet the needs of the Managed Services Professional and to educate the end-user community on the benefits of using a Managed Service Provider.


D3UC Announces an Exclusive White Label Phone & UC Service for Technology VARs and MSPs

NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — D3 Unified Communications, an innovator in White Label, Cloud-based Phone and Unified Communications services, eliminates disparities between the mammoth phone and cable companies and the technology Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) serving the Small and Medium Business market.

D3 Unified Communications (D3UC) was founded to help technology VARs and MSPs compete with the larger telecommunications providers. The D3UC White Label, Cloud-based Phone and Unified Communications platform provides recurring revenues with profit margins of 50-100%. It adds a branded voice component to the VAR’s and MSP’s current portfolio of IT and data services, completing a comprehensive bundle of voice, data and IT services.

Chuck Daniels, CEO states, “When we witnessed what was happening to the technology VARs and MSPs that serve SMBs, there was no doubt in our minds that we could create a solution. Our desire to design a White Label Phone and Unified Communications solution for this market was fueled by the disparities between the large phone and cable companies and the VARs and MSPs that serve the SMB market. Our website tells the story of how they can triumph by White Labeling the D3UC services.”

D3UC’s White Labeled Phone and UC services—branded in the selling company’s name and logo—are price, feature and function competitive with solutions offered by the phone, cable and VoIP companies, and gives technology VARs and MSPs a highly profitable competitive advantage.

“The Cloud-based phone and IT solutions from the phone, cable, and VoIP companies are the #1 threat to the business models, profit margins and customer bases of technology VARs and MSPs. D3UC was founded to eliminate that threat,” says CFO, Imran Dalvi.

About D3UC
D3 Unified Communication (www.d3uc.com) was founded in November 2013 by Chuck Daniels, Imran Dalvi and Mike Dury. The 3Ds have a history of successfully launching disruptive technology services to address the inequities in the Phone and Unified Communications industry serving the SMB market. Their office is located at the Enterprise Development Center on the New Jersey Institute of Technology campus (www.njit-edc.org).


Our White Label Resellers

  • Two Offices, 8 Employees
    • Custom call routes for departments
    • Ring groups based on caller selection
    • Call flows identify department
    • VM to email tracks calls for follow up

  • Real Estate Management Office
    • Busy office with 4 agents
    • Use smart phone app
    • No upfront capital costs
    • Auto attendant with ring groups

  • Residential Phone Service
    • MSP for an adult community
    • Set up phone service in minutes
    • Simple installs with an ATA
    • Word of mouth creates more sales

  • Virtual Insurance Sales Office
    • Mobile options for employees
    • Auto attendant creates “office”
    • Free on-net calls between employees
    • Unlimited U.S. calling

  • Children's Preschool
    • Phones in each classroom
    • 2 digit dialing between phones
    • Speed dialing for emergency calls
    • Conference bridges for parent calls

  • International Used Car Parts Company
    • Gives African company a U.S. presence
    • Calls made from Africa originate in U.S.
    • Caller ID displays U.S. number
    • Calls to U.S. number answered in Africa

  • Music Company with 20 Employees
    • Use original songs for music on hold
    • UC features give corporate feel
    • Auto attendant with directory
    • Monthly cost savings of 40%

  • VoIP Replaces PBX
    • NYC-based company with 4 locations
    • 250 phones, free inter-office calling
    • No PBX or maintenance contracts
    • Reduced monthly costs by 50%

  • Sole Proprietor
    • Always open with find me—follow me
    • Auto attendant creates big presence
    • Use FaxBox to eliminate fax machine
    • Minimal capital expense

  • Commercial Property Owner
    • Offers phone service to tenants
    • Alternative revenue source for owner
    • Easy management of phone network
    • Lower cost services for tenants

  • Two Location Immigration Law Firm
    • Offices in NY and NJ
    • Individual conference bridges
    • Attorneys never miss a call
    • 5 digit dialing between offices

  • Virtual Engineering Services Start-up
    • 4 founders, 4 homes, 2 states
    • 4 digit dialing for conferences
    • Auto attendant creates one “office”
    • UC services keep staff connected

  • International Non-profit
    • Simultaneous ring to cell phone
    • Low cost international calling
    • Free on-net calls between employees
    • Monthly savings of 60%

  • Law Firm with 14 Employees
    • Custom auto attendant with holidays
    • Individual conference bridges
    • 3 digit dialing—remote collaboration
    • Voicemail to email
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