A Message from
the CEO of D3UC

May 2021  

I would like to start off my annual message by stating the obvious – WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!

Just over a year ago, my state of New Jersey went into full lockdown and our proximity to New York City put us #2 in the US for new COVID cases and deaths for the first six months of the pandemic. It would be an understatement to say that at this time last year it was impossible to predict where we would be today!

My initial 2020 message, which was full of hope and confidence for our MSP’s prospects for significant growth in the coming year, seemed laughable just four months later in the face of the first global pandemic in 100 years. Despite an abundance of rational and obvious reasons to believe that there would be NO chance for any growth or success in 2020, I sent my MSP’s a video that offered a different outlook by telling a humorous story plus boldly making a few predictions.

The video is private and requires a password if you would like to watch it. Here is the link & password to the
video — https://vimeo.com/408213544 password: D3UC2020

I rewrote my 2020 message in May and pointed to other difficult times we survived through over our lives and reflected on a saying from Zig Ziglar, “It’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference.” Here is the link to my May 2020 message and my THREE predictions for MSPs who sold Unified Communication to Very Small Businesses in 2020.

And now it is a year later. I am happy to say that during the past 12 months, our family of MSPs grew the number of phones on the platform OVER 40% — the largest year over year growth in number of phones in our history – and during a pandemic! Today, our MSPs have never been busier and the pace of growth in new customers shows no signs of slowing. It looks like they all found their Pony!

D3UC is in its eighth year of supporting MSPs nationwide providing Unified Communications Services under their name and at prices they set. There has never been a better time for MSPs to sell D3UC’s white label UCaaS solution to their customers (please see our Blogs). They need it and you can make profits of $10 per phone per month and more.

I love working with MSPs to help them grow their companies!  Here is the link to my calendar, let’s chat! https://calendly.com/chuck-daniels/chat-with-chuck

Best wishes for your continued success,

Chuck Daniels, CEO


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