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You will get all you want in life if you help others get what they want in life – Zig Ziglar

January 2023

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been …

Yes, that is the title of the second compilation album by the Grateful Dead (1977). It is also an apt description of the past three years. When the pandemic began in 2020, we did not know what the future held. Now, we have the benefit of three years of hindsight, and so much has happened!

2023 starts D3 Unified Communications 10th year in business.  When we created D3UC a decade ago, our objective was to create a game-changing solution to the technical and financial challenges small managed service providers (MSPs) would face “moving to the cloud.”  Our solution was a comprehensive, cloud-based phone and unified communications service that could be white-labeled by MSPs to generate monthly, high-profit recurring revenues. The results since then have been rewarding.

Our MSP family has grown nationwide, and we have learned much from them as they each grew their unified communications services. We are amazed at the makeup of our MSP family and what they have accomplished since the pandemic started. Some fun facts that have made our journey so rewarding:

  • Approximately 67% of our MSPs have five or fewer employees, and 50% have just 1 or 2 employees! In addition, we have many family MSPs made up of husbands & wives or parents and their children.
  • Over the last three years, our MSPs more than doubled the number of phones on the platform, and many grew their SMB customer base by 50-100%.
  • And the thing we are most proud of is our MSPs have deposited profits totaling $1,741,028 in their bank accounts.

There were also some significant events in the market segment D3UC operates in — white label, unified communications service providers. The Private Equity and Venture Capital industry has been actively involved in this segment, as highlighted by these recent announcements:

  1. The top two White Label UCaaS providers were acquired in 2021 by BCM One – The acquisition of the #2 white-label UCaaS provider, SkySwitch, occurred in January, followed by the purchase of the #1 white-label UCaaS provider, CoreDial, in October. So now, the two largest white-label UCaaS platforms are owned by one of the largest MSPs in North America.

  2. Other White Label UCaaS providers received significant investments from PE & VC companies. The acquisition of CoreDial and SkySwitch kicked off a flurry of multimillion-dollar investments in other white-label UCaaS providers in the hopes that they will be acquired as well. Information on these investments is publicly available.
  3. These acquisitions and investments have caused concern for MSPs. MSPs do not want to partner with companies that are also their competitors. BCM One is one of the largest MSPs in North America, and now they own the two biggest white-label UCaaS providers in the US. This has caused genuine concern among the MSPs who white-labeled CoreDial or Skyswitch because BCM One can now market their services directly to the MSPs’ customers.

For the record, D3UC does not have any Private Equity or Venture Capital investors. When a company receives funding from Private Equity or Venture Capital investors, it comes with commitments – primarily financial objectives related to revenues and cash flow – and consequences if they are not achieved. It has been my experience that when financial objectives drive a company’s decisions, customers and partners are the ones that suffer.

We created D3UC in 2013 because we believe that Zig Ziglar is right – D3UC will get all we want in life if we help others get what they want in life – and what MSPs want most of all is monthly, high-profit recurring revenues! And that is why we display our #1 benefit to MSPs on the home page of our website, “Profits Received by Our MSPs” which now totals $1,741,028.

Over the past three years, we have seen an increase in the number of MSPs who have joined D3UC and were previously “white labeling” one of the providers mentioned above because “things changed” once they were acquired or received PE or VC investments.

If you are a MSP currently using another white-label UCaaS provider or have thoughts about selling UCaaS for the first time, please call me. You will find that D3UC is a different type of white label UCaaS company. We do not have any minimum revenue requirements or termination penalties for you to worry about – we are more interested in building long-term relationships with our MSPs than in how many phones you can sell each year. Maybe that is why our home page doesn’t highlight how many phones we have on our platform but how much in profits our MSPs have made white labeling D3UC.

Please check out our Resources tab. We have assembled a comprehensive library of blogs, articles and white papers that cover all aspects of selling, installing, and supporting your white-label UCaaS journey. I can be called or texted at 973-333-3322.

Best wishes for an outstanding 2023!

Chuck Daniels, CEO


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